Santa Cesarea Terme is a well known seaside resort in the region of Salento, far 95km from Brindisi airport, 50km from Lecce, 19km from Maglie and 18km from Otranto seaport, linked with Albania and Greece.
Santa Cesarea is famous for its natural hot springs. It is located on a gentle slope: from the top you can admire one of the most enchanting and evocative landscapes of the region of Salento: emerald green sea water and a luxuriant pine forest warmly welcome you. Visitors will enjoy services offered by the Beauty centre: Aesthetic Medicine, Naturopathic medicine, and Thermal Treatments to heal from ear, nose and throat diseases.
The name Santa Cesarea dates back to a Pagan legend which was absorbed by the Christian tradition according to which the presence of sulphurous waters is due to a divine causes. In ancient times, different people and different cultures walked on this land: Cretans, Messapians, Greeks, Romans as well as some records dating back to Palaeolithic age have been discovered in some caves around the city. In Santa Cesarea, as well as in many other seaside resorts, there is a coastal tower, erected in ancient times to defend against enemy invasions coming from the sea.
Moreover, the city is characterized by the Arabic style in architecture: houses and palaces are the evidence of rich bourgeoisie from Lecce (Sticchi Palace).
The coast is extremely jugged and water has the same colour as emerald. Porto Miggiano’s bay is wonderful for nature, colours and water brightness.

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