The Hotel is located in the center of Santa Cesarea Terme, opposite the spa industry and then a short distance of the two spas and Gattulla Palace.

The town has some unique features of the landscape of rare beauty, the sea, crystal clear waters, offers an unforgettable holiday, the baths with their famous mineral water springs and their sulphurous mud, creating an opportunity not be missed to enjoy a period holiday full of relaxation, nature, sun and sea and attention to yourself to download psycho-physical tensions accumulated through work and everyday stress.

The therapeutic qualities of water and sludge of Santa Cesarea are recognized by the Ministry of Health, and this permits the use of many therapies in agreement with the NHS to treat specific diseases.  

With the baths of Santa Cesarea can be treated the following conditions:

Skin diseases, especially psoriasis with thermal baths;

Arthritic diseases with mud and thermal baths;

Respiratory diseases such as chronic catarrhal bronchitis with inhalations, aerosol sprays;?- ENT diseases with inhalations, aerosols, nasal sprays and showers;

Diseases of the ear with deafness breathes with his uncle, aerosols, inhalations and nasal    douches;

Gynecological diseases with vaginal douches and baths.?The baths of Santa Cesarea can also enjoy the masterful combination of beneficial effects of water and mud to those practices and holistic rehabilitation at the small but precious Wellness Center “Blue Line”.

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